Spanish Ontario Moose Hunting

Waterfalls Lodge is located 125 miles east of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. They offer fully guided Moose hunting vacations with each group of four hunters getting one Adult Bull Moose Tag and calf tags for others in your party. This is a full American Plan hunt with yummy home cooked meals. All you have to do is hunt. Their location north of Lake Huron is teaming with Moose and success rates are high. Accommodations are in beautiful and clean lakefront cottages. This is your chance to have a highly successful full service Moose hunt without driving 20 hours farther north.

Bear Lake Wilderness Camp is located within the boundaries of Killarney Provincial Park and is gifted to be one of the extreme cases where an outfitter is given a Moose Hunting WMU area within a park. Each Moose hunting group is issued 1 Adult Moose tag and calf tags for WMU 42. Residents with their own Moose tags are welcome to rent a cabin. Their area is very exclusive and as a result, they have an extremely high population of Moose and boast a 100% success rate most years.