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Chapleau Ontario Moose Hunting

Paquette's Camp has excellent moose hunting. They receive 1 Adult Bull Moose Tag for WMU 32 & WMU 35 with unlimited calf tags. WMU 32 is for archery hunters only and WMU 35 is open to both Rifle Hunters and Bow Hunters. In the last three years, success rate has been 100%. Accommodation are in rustic, yet clean and comfortable lakeside housekeeping cabins.

Four Seasons Guiding is a small and cozy family-run outfitter on Big Pine Lake near Chapleau Ontario. They offer housekeeping cabins with Hunting for Moose, Wolf, Black Bear and Grouse. Moose hunt takes place in WMU 32 and WMU 35. This is one of the top regions for Moose hunting due to the absence of deer. Whitetail Deer are carriers of a parasite that is deadly to Moose.

Five Mile Lake Lodge & Outpost Camps is located on Five Mile Lake, which is south of Chapleau, Ontario. Their non-resident Adult Moose hunts take place in WMU 35 and the lodge borders on WMU 38. Residents with their own tags are welcome to rent a cabin. They are rated as 4 Star (****) accommodations with housekeeping cabins at the base lodge and outpost cabins on Goldie Lake and Wenebegon Lake.

Flame Lake Lodge is located near Chapleau Ontario. They also offer accommodations for resident Moose hunters with their own tags for WMU 35 and WMU 38. Accommodations include housekeeping cabin or American Plan in the main lodge.

Moose Horn Lodge is located outside of Chapleau Ontario right next to the Chapleau Crown Game Preserve. They offer excellent Moose hunting. Each year they are issued one Adult Bull Moose tag and multiple calf tags for WMU 35. They offer housekeeping accommodations in their brand new open concept cottages. Residents with their own Moose tags are welcome to rent a cottage as the lodge is close to WMU 35 and WMU 38.

Prairie Bee Outpost Camps are located on Prairie Bee Lake, which is located between Chapleau and Wawa, Ontario. They offer exclusive remote Moose hunting camps for Bow hunters as they are issued Bull Moose archery tags for WMU 32. Moose are plentiful in the area with Bulls common up to 1300 pounds and the occasional Bull Moose reaching 1500 pounds. They have hundreds of miles of old logging roads, ATV trails and game trails to hunt as well the opportunity to hunt from a boat along the shore where Moose frequently drink and feed. The camp takes a limited number of hunters each year to maintain their high success rate, which is 90% or higher. At the far west end of the lake they have an extremely remote outpost camp. The main camp is located at the north-east end of the lake. These are remote boat-to housekeeping camps.

Northern Walleye Lodge is located north of Wawa & Chapleau in Northern Ontario. Moose hunting is excellent. We have adult Bull Moose tags and adult Cow Moose tags for both Archery and Rifle hunting in WMU 32. Initially the Moose hunting package is unguided but there are aboriginal Cree and Ojibwe guides living on the lake that are available if you want a guide. Bull Moose in the area are common in the 1000 to 1300 pound range but Bull Moose over 1500 pounds do get harvested. Accommodations can be either at the main camp or in outpost cabins. This is a 9-day hunt but you can leave early when you get your Moose.