Wendall & Debbie's Pet Moose

Here's A Great Moose Story

When this moose was quite young; he lost his mother too soon.

The Fish and Game brought him to Wendall and Debbie. They asked them to raise him to a safe age and then turn him loose again. So they bottle fed and took care of him. After a while they put him with their cows. They named him Buddy.

Last Spring when he was a year old ... it was time to turn him back into the wild. They opened the gate and off he went. He stayed away all summer; then in the fall he came back to be with the cows. He probably thinks he is a cow. Everyone was happy to see him and he is quite friendly. He loves honey buns and will eat them right out of your mouth.

Wendall and Debbie live right up in the mountains so it came time to bring the cows down. Well the moose was lonely all by himself so he headed down to find another heard of cows to hang with.

The neighbors called about a week later and asked Wendall to please come and get his Moose. So he headed out with a honey bun, bucket of grain and the horse trailer and brought him back home.

The moose is free to go anytime he wants but is choosing to stay put for now. Surely, come spring he will start to feel a bit like a male Moose and take off... but for now, he is happy.