Saskatchewan Moose Hunting

Shadd Lake Cabins There are three main areas that our guides take hunters to for maximum results:

Game Trails:
Moose are always on the move and over many thousands of years have dug out trails through the bush, which are used by generation after generation of Moose. Staking out a trail with a ground blind or tree stand is one way to maximize your success.

Moose can live on pine needles and bark but prefer grasses and aquatic plants such a lily pads and skunk cabbage. It is very common to see Moose along the shore and our guides know where the best spots are because they see the Moose over and over again during the summer while fishing.

Burn Areas:
Burn areas seam like a tragic loss of forest and habitat but forest fires are essential to the health of the forest and animals. Forest fires burn old bush and trees and open up areas where new grasses and berry bushes can grow. Moose are attracted to these areas for food and to escape pestering insects that are in the deep bush. We reply on our Cree guides to know what's best to do and where to go. Their knowledge of the land and the animal is the recipe for a successful Moose hunt. Moose can reach over 1500 pounds in our area. Fishing is beyond your imagination in our area, which is north of La Ronge Saskatchewan.