Gogama & Timmins Ontario Moose Hunting

Shooting Star Camp is located in Gogama's remote Spanish River Region. They have non-resident adult Moose tags for archery and rifle and unlimited calf tags. They offer both guided and un-guided moose hunts. Moose hunting accommodations are beautiful and remote drive-to and boat-to outpost camps that are fully equipped for housekeeping. Success rates are high. Ths is your chance to get into some great Moose hunting without driving another 20 hours to Northwestern Ontario.


Twin-J Hide-A-Way is located on Mattagami Lake, west of Timmins and close to Gogama, Ontario. They offer accommodations for Moose hunters with Adult Moose tags for WMU 29 and WMU 31. Non-resident adult tags are not always available so please inquire about this year's availability. They have unlimited calf tags. Residents with their own Moose tags for WMU 29 and WMU 31 are welcome to rent cabin.

Green Wilderness Lodge & Outpost Camps: is located in Northern Ontario between Gogama and Timmins. Green Wilderness has great hunting for Moose and Black Bear. They are located in WMU 29 and have adult Bull tags but you hve to contact them early in the year to get them. Moose hunting is exceptionally enjoyable in their area as they have many ATV paths; old abandoned logging roads and game trails leading deep into the bush were you have easy access to prime Moose habitat.