Ontario Fly-in Moose Hunting

Thunderhook Fly-ins & Smooth Rock Camp are located north of Armstrong and in the heart of Ontario's vast wilderness. This is the top Moose hunting destination in Ontario and maybe all of Canada. Multiple non-resident adult rifle tags are available for both Bull Moose and Cow Moose in WMU 16C and WMU 17. Moose hunts take you deep into Wabakimi Wilderness Provincial Park where you'll have virtually exclusive access to over 3-million acres of prime Moose hunting country. Moose in the area commonly reach over 1300 pounds and guests can expect an unbelievable success rate. Accommodations consists of fly-in outpost camps and their fly-in lodge.

Big North Lodge & Outposts is a drive-in lodge at Minaki, 25 miles north of Kenora, Ontario, with fly-in outposts at Roger Lake & Maynard Lake. Our fully-guided Bull Moose hunt is a fly-in Archery Hunt at Roger Lake in WMU 3, hunting out of our deluxe outpost cabins. You will hunt in an area known for its large moose, and our hunt takes place during the rut. The bull responds well to calls at this time, making this a very exciting hunt. Bulls have been taken from as close as 10 yards. Our success rate has been around 40%. We take a maximum of 4 hunter each fall. Our hunt is all-inclusive: accommodations, meals, guide, boat & motor, all flights.

Ogoki Frontier offers deluxe Moose hunts in the vast Canadian wilderness north of Armstrong, Ontario. They have adult Moose tags for WMU 16C and WMU 17. In their region Moose and Bear Season overlaps so combination Moose Hunts are available. Moose hunts take place in their fly-in outpost camps. Moose are very common in the area with a few old Bulls topping 1500 pounds.

Twin Lakes Outfitters & Wilderness Camps has the top Fly-in Moose Hunting in Canada. They are located north of Nakina Ontario. Due to the extremely high population of Moose in their area, Twin Lakes Outfitters receives more adult Moose tags then other outfitters in Canada. You can fly-in to their 21 outpost cabins and multiple army-style spike camps. All locations offer excellent Moose hunting. Hunts take place in WMU 1d, WMU 17 and WMU 18b. Residents with their own tags are welcome to rent an outpost camp. Moose north of Nakina can reach 1800 pounds but Moose in the 1000 to 1200 pound range are common.

Arametastone Outpost Camps' air base is located 2 miles west of Nakina, Ontario on Cordingly Lake. From Nakina you fly north into the deep wilderness. They have fly-in outpost camps (including brand new camps) on Meta Lake, Albany River, Stone Lake and Ara Lake. AMS has 4 adult Moose tags for WMU 17, which includes 2 bull tags and 2 cow tags. They have 1 bull Moose tag for WMU 18.