Dryden Ontario Moose Hunting

Indian Point Camp is located on Wabigoon Lake in Northwestern Ontario. Bull Moose are common over 800-pounds in their area with many reaching as big as 1300-pounds. On occasion, Bull Moose as heavy as 1500 pounds have been harvested in Northwestern Ontario. There are a few farms in the area as well as massive amounts of softwood trees. Their WMUs are located right in that transition area where the deciduous forest starts to fade into coniferous forest as you head north. As a result Moose meat from their area taste way better than Moose farther north that eat pine needles and bark to live. Indian Point Camp has 1 Adult Bull Moose rifle tag, which can be converted to two archery tags. They also have unlimited calf tags. The amount of tags issued changes every year based on population assessments conducted by the MNR. Resident hunters with their own tags for WMU 5 and WMU 8 are welcome to rent a cabin. Cabins are housekeeping with fully equipped kitchens. They have spectacular fishing for Walleye, Muskie, Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass, Perch and Crappie.

Sandy Point Camp has outstanding Moose hunting and receive Adult Bull Moose tags for both rifle hunts and archery hunts in WMU 9a. They are located between Dryden and Ignace Ontario. Moose get big in their area with Bull Moose topping 1500 pounds. Success rates are high and to make your Moose hunting trip even more enjoyable, accommodations are in big a roomy lakefront cabins that are fully equipped for housekeeping. They also have fantastic fall fishing for Walleye and Northern Pike.

Rugby Lake Lodge is a small family owned drive-in hunting camp around 45 miles north of Dryden and Vermilion Bay, Ontario. They offer guided Moose hunts for both rifle and archery. They receive non-resident Moose tags for both bulls and cows in WMU 8. Ther are close to WMU 5 so they offer accommodations for residents with their own Moose tags. Cows in their area average 800 to 1000 pounds while massive Bull Moose well exceeding 1500 pounds have been harvested in their area. The terrain in their area is just perfect for Moose with grasslands, swamps and burn areas with fresh softwood shoots. Just imagine a Bull Moose, standing 7 feet at the shoulders, slowly making his way toward you; antlers swaying back-&-forth while thrashing clumps of brush; his deep guttural grunts raising every hair on your neck. No other hunt compares to the adrenaline rush of a prime rut Bull Moose hunt! They offer hunting packages for Whitetail Deer and Black Bear.

Pine Sunset Lodge: Our area has a very healthy population of Moose and they get big. The Ministry of Natural Resources performs Moose assessment studies every few years and this dictates the amount of adult Moose tags that are issued for non-resident moose hunters. Most lodges in Ontario have been reduced to one adult tag and in some cases zero adult tags. Due to the high population of Moose in our area, our guests can still get a chance at hunting one of these giants. We have 2 Bull Moose tags & 1 Cow Moose tag for WMU 15A and 1 Bull Moose tag for WMU 5. Calf tags are always available. Residents with their own tags are welcome to rent a cabin. We also offer excellent hunting for Black Bear and Whitetail Deer.