Vermilion Bay Ontario Moose Hunting

Rugby Lake Lodge is a small family owned drive-in hunting camp around 45 miles north of Dryden and Vermilion Bay, Ontario. They offer guided Moose hunts for both rifle and archery. They receive non-resident Moose tags for both bulls and cows in WMU 8. Ther are close to WMU 5 so they offer accommodations for residents with their own Moose tags. Cows in their area average 800 to 1000 pounds while massive Bull Moose well exceeding 1500 pounds have been harvested in their area. The terrain in their area is just perfect for Moose with grasslands, swamps and burn areas with fresh softwood shoots. Just imagine a Bull Moose, standing 7 feet at the shoulders, slowly making his way toward you; antlers swaying back-&-forth while thrashing clumps of brush; his deep guttural grunts raising every hair on your neck. No other hunt compares to the adrenaline rush of a prime rut Bull Moose hunt! They offer hunting packages for Whitetail Deer and Black Bear.